Adventure Activities

Activities & Entertainment

We can host a number of activities including:

  • Hiking route (3km to 6km routes and day/night hiking)
  • Beach soccer, volleyball, action cricket and traditional games (all on a sandpit arena)
  • Paintball (two types of arenas)
  • River rafting
  • Quad biking
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Abseiling
  • Climbing wall
  • Obstacle courses
  • Orienteering courses
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga



Members of the Randburg Hiking Club have laid out different hiking routes and named it the Panorama Hiking Route.

Panorama, ranging in distance from 3km to 6km, provides a magnificent simultaneous bird’s eye-view of both Hartbeespoort Dam and the Magaliesburg Mountain Ranges, as well as the Crocodile River winding its way through the foothills of the Witwater Mountains. From the top it is possible to, on a clear day, see the outlines of both Pretoria and Johannesburg 40km away.

HikingPanorama is a moderate hike and takes about two – three hours to complete excluding refreshment breaks and time to take in and photograph the spectacular views. The trail begins and ends on the Kruger Family farm property and starts at the X Tribe base camp which is located in the heart of three 800m-high hills clad in pristine Acacia bush and Protea trees.

Guides in the area have extensive knowledge of the natural history of the area. Wild animals endemic to this area include caracal, brown hyena, jackal, mountain reedbuck, duiker, steenbok and troops of baboons.

The hiking route includes an old mine that was dug by the same people that found the gold in Johannesburg in the 1920’s. Upon hearing about the explorations in the area a Portuguese trader, MrJalapor, came all the way from Nylstroom with his wheelbarrow and implements to trade. He opened a hardware store in Broederstroom and the road leading to the farm was named after him.

Beach soccer/Volleyball

The games are played on a sandpit area which is divided into different activities. The games will be refereed and scored by a facilitator.



Each group will be supplied with guns, balls, masks and army jackets. The game will be closely monitored by marshals because it is a dangerous sport. Three different paintball arenas have been be laid out with interesting obstacles. Players from 8 to 80 are welcome to play and there are less strenuous arenas for ladies if they prefer.

River rafting/Float building

Option A:

Each group will be supplied with rafts, life jackets and helmets. The group will be transported to the launching point on the bank of the Crocodile River. The group will then paddle down the river under trained instruction and supervision. The group will end at a jetty that is launched on the bank further down the river. Then be collected and transported back to base camp.

Option B:

The group will be supplied with material which they then have to build their own raft and float down the river from jetty to jetty or through a mud dam on the grounds.


Quad bike

Quad bikes are strictly for use on a preset course and riding is not allowed when the group is finished with the activity. Safety gear is provided and a facilitator gives instructions.


Team members are provided with canoes which they then use to complete given tasks within a team context.


A sport where specialised equipment is used to move down vertically from high objects. Individuals will be provided with ropes, harnesses, safety clips, gloves and other goodies. The site offers different terrains were we can abseil from, such as the Train Bridge or cliffs.

Wall climbing

Climbing vertically up an artificial wall with your hands and feet by using the recessed and projecting holds along the way. Individuals are provided with safety gear and guided by qualified instructors.

Obstacle courses

These courses are built according to certain standards and guidelines, to include challenges that optimally stimulate the mind and body and will create a platform for teambuilding and leadership development. It consists of a hike up a valley/kloof over/under/through obstacles laid out on the track and end on top of the mountain.

Orientation course

Participants will acquire a series of skills by performing different tasks. The activity is based on a hike over the mountain and need to complete tasks at different points on the route, working with gadgets like compasses, magnifying glasses, sling shots and puzzles.

Mountain biking

mntnbikeGroups must supply their own bikes (at a later stage we plan to supply the bikes). Riders will follow one of the two different routes that have been laid out around the mountain. They can choose between the 12km and 30km routes, which also differ in terrain type and difficulty.



Lateral thinking courses

Built on the same principals as the obstacle courses, these games are designed to force the teams to work together and figure out how to overcome the problems set at the various points along the course. It focuses more on the intellect than on physical strength.

Various games

Water games of various natures. As an example: Each team has to designate one member to put on gum boots which is filled with water. Other members have to carry the individual to another point, filling a large drum with water. The first team to fill their drum wins.